Hiby R3 Pro Saber Update Failures

I was able to update the Hiby R3pro saber from firmware 1.2 to firmware 1.3 when I received the unit, but it has not been able to update since.   Below are the pictures and videos requested by Hiby to help diagnose the problem.   If you have similar issues with your unit, please contact Hello@hiby.com to let them know and leave a comment below.


Here is the about screen at the outset showing version 1.3:

1st attempt, this was to install version 1.5 from the 256gb card I was using in the player at the time.   I connected the player to a PC via USB type C cable and copied the latest firmware file (downloaded directly from Hiby’s site) into the root of the card.


Next up, I read on the Hiby facebook site to use a small card with nothing else on it formatted Fat32.  So, I dug out a 4gb card, formatted it to fat32 as the pics show below, re-downloaded the file just to be certain the file wasn’t corrupted during download, and copied it to the 4gb card and tried it again.

Here is the result of that attempt:



Screenshot of the players about screen after 2nd attempt to install firmware:


After that failed, I decided to attempt to re-install firmware 1.3 from the same file I used to install it when I received the player with the same result.  (Shown in video below).


Again, if you are having the same problem, please leave a comment and contact Hiby at Hello@hiby.com




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