Review Tracks

This is an incomplete list of some of the tracks I use when reviewing audio devices and the reasons I use them.  I am always looking for better examples of specific elements and welcome recommendations.   I am a lover of blues, blues/rock, classic rock, and anything with good guitar work in it. For that reason, my test tracks tend to be slanted towards those genre.

Album CoverArtistAlbumTrackNotes
Stevie Ray VaughanTexas FloodLennyGuitar to die for, but what I look for is percussion. Snare, cymbal, and highhat.
Fleetwood MacThe Best of...Go Insane (Live)Guitar and male vocals. Lots of nuance and subtleties in this song.
Jonny LangLie to meLie to meLooking for control of bass and sub-bass and bleed into mids.
Tedeschi TrucksLet me get byI want moreFemale vocals, brass band
The BlastersTestamentBlue ShadowsSaxophone and piano with male vocals
Vintage Trouble
The bomb shelter SessionsBlues Hand me DownLooking at attack speed and decay especially in bass and sub-bass. This track gets muddy quick if the equipment can’t handle it.
PocoLegacyCall it loveMale Vocals and Vocal harmonies
Yngwie MalmsteenRising ForceRising ForceDuh, Guitar! oh, and the vocals aren't bad either
Gerry RaffertyCity To CityBaker StreetSaxophone timbre
Janis JoplinPearlCry BabyFemale Vocals
Jethro TullSongs from the woodHunting GirlFlute Timbre
Primal ScreamGive Out but don't give upRocksGuitar attack and sub-bass extension
Cowboy JunkiesThe Trinity SessionsI'm so Lonesome I could crySoundstage and Female Vocals
Van MorrisonMoondanceCrazy LoveMale Vocals
The WhoWho's NextBaba O'rileySoundstage and Imaging
Keith RichardsMain OffenderRunnin Too DeepSoundstage and bass depth/punch
Edvard GriegPeer GyntIn the hall of the Mountain KingDynamics, this piece goes from near silent to blisteringly loud with every step between well represented in the mix.