Contact Me

I love new products and try to respond to all requests for review within 48 hours.   Reviews generally require two working weeks to complete after arrival but at times schedules will mean I have to delay a review in order to finish others that arrived ahead of it.  I operate on a first in, first out basis so the sooner we have a product in hand, the sooner the review can be posted to the site.

I do not reply to requests to alter content unless it is in error, please do not ask me to alter a review unless a technical detail is incorrect.

I will not advertise for anyone on this site (other than stating who provided a review sample with a link).  You will never see banner ads or sales pages here.   I would rather pay our own hosting bill than  have my content questioned due to my advertising policy.  For this reason, please do not send requests for marketing purposes.  They WILL be ignored.

The best way to reach me is by email at