About the Audiofool

I am a long time audio enthusiast, but make no claim to be an audiophile, thus the title of the site which my wife (swmbo) helped coin.  She says I am just an old fool for buying all this stuff and she is usually right.

I got the bug early.  While still in junior high school, I saved money to buy my first stereo set.   Unlike other kids of that era, I wasn’t interested in a boombox, I wanted a true hi-fi system.   I bought a Sansui tuner, Dynaco St70 amp, a Denon turntable, and a set of second hand infinity speakers.   From that day forward a disproportionate amount of my income went into upgrades and records.  Components have come and gone, but the desire has remained.

As I have grown older and times have changed,  I have gone from speakers the size of a phone booth and mono-block amps you could cook dinner on, to headphones that offer amazing sound without the space, cost, and damage to swmbo’s sanity caused by my earlier setups.   Children (amongst other things) have made certain that funds for hobbies are always limited, so I try and find things that provide the best bang for the buck.   Having spent (and quite frankly wasted) a good bit of money on items related to audio, I decided to put some of my misadventures, and some of the better choices on this site to help others who might be following the same path.

My current systems include:

DenDell Precision 7740
Auris Euterpe
Burson Swing w SparkOS Op-amps
Xduoo Ta-30, Ta-26
Burson Fun w SparkOS Op-amps
HifiMan He6
Beyerdynamics T5, T1. DT990
Dell T410 with SB ZxRSchiit Bifrost MBSchiit Asgard2
Schiit Valhalla
Fostex TH-x00PH
bedroomBluetooth Phone/TabletXduoo XQ50ProDynaco ST-70JBL Venue Monitors
WorkDell Precision 7740Audio GD NFB 11.28Campfire Cascades
On the goA&K Kann Alpha
Sony WM1A
Dethonray Prelude
Cayin N3 Pro
earmen TR-AMP
Xduoo XD-05 bal
iFi Xcan / XDSD
JH JH13v2
Fir Audio 5x5
Dunu EST112
Eartech Quint
Empire Ears Bravado