Customer Service Experiences

My hope is that my experiences with various customer service departments might help others:  Of course none of us really has a large enough sample to mean a vendor is entirely good or entirely bad.



NiceHCK    –   Multiple orders, 1 bad cable, replaced after 1st contact without any questions.

Penon Audio – Multiple orders,  1 bad cable, replaced after 1 contact without any questions.

WooEasy – multiple orders – never a problem with any of them

AK Audio – multiple orders – never a problem with any of them

LunaShops – two orders – 1 bad cable, asked to prove it was bad and return it at my cost before a replacement would be sent.  (Replacement cost elsewhere was less than return shipping)

KZ Store – multiple orders –  one bad iem, asked to send photo of IEM iwth cable cut to prove destruction,  item replaced after photo sent.

RUKZ Store – single order – no issues

AV Pro Store – multiple orders – no issues with any of them.

GearBest – multiple orders before conversion to ali like store – always good service, after conversion to ali style store, service is now hit or miss and responses to messages much slower than previously.

FastTech –  multiple orders with no issues.

Better Audio (Amazon Store)  –  multiple orders, no issues

Kinboofi (Amazon Store) – multiple orders, no issues.  (Fast responses to messages via facebook messenger).